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Wet, not so cuddly Koala

September 17, 2016

What can’t a Koala bear?  Not being able to be up a gum tree because it’s too wet.  We’ve had the wettest winter in 100 years here in the south of Australia.

325c9a95d87ae1fffac5bf8d0cbaa286.jpgThe bare facts about Koala about Koalas.

  1. They are not bears
  2. They are marsupials – related to the wombat and kangaroo
  3. There are three main species of bears – Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria/South Australia.  Queensland bears tend to be smaller and have shorter fur.  New South Wales has two types of Koala (Victorian as well as their own) and the southern Koalas of Victoria and South Australia are bigger and have thicker fur.  South Australia hunted koala’s to extinction right up to the 1920’s and so Victorian koalas had to be imported to repopulate the state’s forests.  Koala’s are protected by law in all states.  Tasmania, Western Australia and the Northern Territory do not have Koala’s.  Koala’s once lived in Tasmania and were quite large (mega fauna).
  4. Koalas are fussy eaters and will only eat about 20 species of eucalyptus leaves and of those individual koala’s may only choose three to four species.
  5. Koalas are not near extinction.  In some parts of Victoria koalas are so plentiful they’ve been relocated to less populated areas or given birth control treatment.
  6. Koalas can be dangerous.  They have sharp teeth and incredibly strong claws which they can injure you with and to add insult to injury they will pee a toxic, stingy wee into your wounds so it hurts even more.  Male koalas that are looking for a partner are not afraid of anything in their quest for the prized partner.  They sound like pigs and will bowl you over if you get in the way of their desire.
  7. Koalas eat leaves that are poisonous.  As a result they have to eat a lot to get the required daily allowance of nutrition.  In order to maximize their energy levels they sleep a lot – usually during the day.  A South American sloth eats toxic food and they too have to conserve their energy levels by sleeping a lot and moving slowly.
  8. Rumour has it that Teddy Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States looked so much like a koala that people started naming the toy versions of the koalas, Teddy Bears.  I don’t know if that is true, so don’t quote me on it.
  9. A close relative of the koala is the wombat.  They burrow below ground and there are three main species – the Eastern states common wombat, the desert hairy nosed wombat and the Tasmanian Wombat.  Did you know that thousands of years ago wombats were the size of cows and rhinoceros and that they were called diprotodons.
  10. Koalas are cute and the map of Ireland looks like a Koala up a gum tree.  I know that’s random but I thought I should just mention it as it always tickles my funny bone.

Some Koala jokes – yes, bear with me.

What’s a koala’s favorite drink?      Coca Koala

Why isn’t the koala a real bear?       Because it doesn’t have the right koalifications!







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